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In what format do the stickers arrive?

The stickers arrive in a sturdy box, with protection paper and backing paper on either side of the vinyl sticker. The sticker may come laid out in separate parts (this is so we can keep costs down for production/printing purposes, see below for an example of how the Chandelier comes), so please look at the instructions and the image on your box for layout guidance. 

Example of Chandelier image (left), and how sticker is separated for printing (right)


What surfaces can I apply my stickers too?

Stickers can be applied to any surface such as walls, tiles, windows,ceilings, floors, metal, plastic surfaces, fridge, furniture, glass, mirrors and more! Surfaces must be smooth and clean. Walls must be dust and residue free. Gloss and satin finished paint surfaces are best. The stickers may not stick correctly to some matt paints.

Will wall decals stick to all surface types?

Some stickers may not stick to semi- or high gloss paints. Strongly textured surfaces will not work with our stickers, the surface with puncture the sticker. Our stickers will not likely stick to canvas or fabric. You may use them on paper based surfaces but these are unlikely to come off without damaging the surface.

Are the stickers water proof?

YES, our stickers are water proof and perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Be careful about applying them on tiles, if the sticker overlaps the edge of the tile, water can seep in and lift the sticker. The stickers can stand the humidity of a bathroom but the walls need to be perfectly dry before installation.

Can I re-use the stickers after I remove them?

NO, due to the material used stickers cannot be removed then used again.

Can the sticker be easily removed and will it leave a clean wall?

It’s difficult to give a definitive answer for all surface types and without knowing how long the sticker has been affixed to it… If you are concerned about residue on your wall, we suggest you apply our stickers to a window, a mirror, or a fridge, for example… that way you can be assured of a safe removal.

Can I apply to recently painted walls?

If you have painted recently it is recommended you wait for 4 weeks at least before you apply any stickers.

How do I remove the stickers?

To remove the stickers you can use a hair-dryer to warm up and reactivate the glue, then carefully peel it away. After removing the sticker you can clean up slick surfaces like glass, metal (i.e. fridges, washing machines), and non-porous tile with methylated spirits Usually you can simply peel up an edge of the sticker and slowly peel it off the wall. We cannot guarantee perfect condition of your walls once our stickers are removed.

Are they easy to apply?

By following our instructions on our website and provided with each sticker you should be fine. Simply remove the protective paper backing and pressing it against your surface.

How are they packaged for delivery

The Vinyl Room has designed boxes for delivery of all our products. These boxes are stylish and perfect for wrapping up if your purchase is a gift for someone. As well as being stylish, the boxes protect the vinyl whilst being delivered to you. Below is a picture of our boxes.

vinyl room boxes