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Decorate your interior space with designer wall graphics. The Vinyl Room wall graphics by design juice

In March 2009 a fresh, stylish must-have for interior design hit the market with the launch of The Vinyl Room.

The Vinyl Room offer designer wall decals that are a simple and effective way to decorate almost any interior space at home, in the office or at the bach.

The wall decals are vinyl stickers produced to the highest quality. Decals are easily applied with a peel and stick motion – just like a simple sticker – and will transform a room in just minutes.  

The simple application and complete removability of the decals means that now anyone can decorate quickly and easily without any permanent markings or damage to walls. 

Designed and produced in New Zealand, The Vinyl Room decals are a very cost effective way to decorate any space – large or small.

Decals can be a feature of or be tailored to complement any interior design style. The Vinyl Room has a stylish collection to choose from or one-off pieces can be designed in consultation with the designers.

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