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Wall Art Decals - the Perfect Xmas 2015 Gift Idea

It’s officially time to start putting lights up on the house, pulling out the Christmas tree decorations and of course, putting together your list of Christmas gifts. But what do you do about those people we all have in our lives - the ones who are a nightmare to buy for! 

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Looking to Interior Decorate the Holiday Bach?

It’s hard to beat the freedom of the Kiwi bach - no rules, no routine. It's the perfect place for holidaymakers to kick back, relax and enjoy a laid-back Kiwi summer. A time of barbeques and chilly bins, cold drinks and sunburn, family and friends. 

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Removable Wall Decals Add a Magical Touch to Kid's Bedrooms

Removable wall stickers are the perfect nursery décor solution. The cure for blank wall syndrome, wall stickers are perfect for giving your rooms an instant lift without touching a lick of paint.

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Words and Quotes on the Wall - a Popular Decorating Trend

What do you want to say? Create a powerful message by putting the writing on the wall - your wall. Removable vinyl wall decal lettering is perfect way to quickly turn blank walls into works of art and it's one of the fastest growing trends in home decorating and interior design.

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Wall Decals - An Easy & Affordable Way to Jazz up a Room

Wall decals are such a fun and affordable way to decorate your home.

Quick, simple and convenient, vinyl wall art will transform a home interior fast. You can change an entire wall just by sticking your favourite image or quote above the bed or sofa. There are stickers to fit perfectly in any space, adding instant colour and unique character to your room and unlike paint or wallpaper, you can easily change or reposition the decals when the mood strikes.

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Removable Wall Stickers a Great Option for Renters

Being a renter can be hard when it comes to decorating. Many of the things you may want to do to transform your space, like painting or wallpapering aren’t allowed by landlords. The good news is that removable wall stickers offer a great way of decorating that won't jeopardise your bond when you move out. 

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