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Removable Wall Stickers a Great Option for Renters

Written by Haley Ashby


Posted on August 30 2020

Being a renter can be hard when it comes to decorating. Many of the things you may want to do to transform your space, like painting or wallpapering aren’t allowed by landlords. The good news is that removable wall stickers offer a great way of decorating that won't jeopardise your bond when you move out.

It still pays to check - some landlords are extremely particular about what you're allowed to change, but others won't mind, particularly when they understand that this is a way you can create a cosy modern home without the frustration or risk of damage that comes with stripping it off later.

The beautiful designs from the Vinyl Room are available in a huge variety of themes and styles - and they're totally changeable. So whether you're renting or not, you can remodel your home and create the perfect backdrop for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or any space in the house. 

Choose from wall decals that are fun phrases or motivating quotes, children's designs, or hand drawn floral images, while others create full scenes of animals, trees or city skylines. Others are made up of multiple small images that can just be placed strategically on the walls using your own personal creativity.

Applying vinyl wall art is relatively simple, but it's still worth taking your time to plan out where you want each decal to go. Once you've got them in place, press firmly, sit back and enjoy the fresh new look.

Our temporary wall stickers at the Vinyl Room are the ideal way for renters to decorate their home, from the fantastic designs and fast delivery service to the simple application - so why not browse our online store now and you'll soon be enjoying a fun new look!