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Innovate and Redecorate with Wall Decals When You're Bored

Written by Haley Ashby


Posted on June 22 2020

Bored with your blank walls or seeing the same image covering them month after month? Take a look at what you can do with wall decals. They're hot and they're not just for children's rooms anymore. Too often we treat the decoration of our walls as an afterthought but by using wall decals you can easily refresh the look of any room in the house whenever you need a change.

Companies like The Vinyl Room offer an endless choice of wall decals as an alternative to traditional wallpaper, meaning you can have just about anything you want on your wall. You can customise the style of every room. Opt for wall decals for the kitchen or dining room that reflect food, beverages and a happy cafe vibe. Create striking feature walls in the living room or bedrooms with beautiful contemporary designs or something that reflects your sense of fun.

Take the opportunity to create a new look any time you like. Whether it’s a funky graphic of dining utensils, an iconic kiwi image or an inspiring quote, vinyl wall decals use a durable high grade vinyl which is easy to apply and remove so they're perfect for quickly creating an impact.

While black and white is a strong trend, the exciting thing these days is that we no longer slavishly follow interior fashion but tend to go for a much more individual style. Products like these wall stickers from the Vinyl Room help us put our personal stamp on our homes. It's an affordable way to make a space that matters to you, that you want your family to live in.

So get creative and enjoy the flexibility of peeling off our vinyl wall decals and replacing it with another whenever you're feeling bored. It's all about your choice and imagination.