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Words and Quotes on the Wall - a Popular Decorating Trend

Written by Haley Ashby


Posted on August 30 2020

What do you want to say? Create a powerful message by putting the writing on the wall - your wall. Removable vinyl wall decal lettering is perfect way to quickly turn blank walls into works of art and it's one of the fastest growing trends in home decorating and interior design.

Vinyl wall decal stickers are fun and couldn’t be easier to use. No meticulous paintwork required, you don't need to align the lettering or check your spelling.

Words and quotes wall decor add a personal touch to windows, ceramic tiles, and even designer homewares and furniture. They'll liven up tired old dressers, tables, shelves, or other household surfaces. This removable wall art looks great above doors, in kitchens and above cribs in nurseries. There are endless decorating possibilities.

Motivational quotes are especially popular at home and in the workplace. Affirmation is a very simple but powerful tool that can be used daily for attitude changes. Another popular choice for using wall quotes in an office is to display your mission statement or a vision for the company - a quote that captures the essence of you or your business and give your walls "a voice".

There are hundreds of premade phrases and sayings available and the decision of what wall art quotes to select can be a hard one.

At the Vinyl Room, we've put together a selection of the very best quote wall art in our online catalogue to make your decision a little easier. From playful to powerful, from aspirational quotes by Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein to moving quotes about home and family or simply your own scrabble letters so you can enjoy a new phrase every day - we have the perfect words for your wall.