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Removable Wall Decals Add a Magical Touch to Kid's Bedrooms

Written by Haley Ashby


Posted on August 30 2020

Removable wall stickers are the perfect nursery décor solution. The cure for blank wall syndrome, wall stickers are perfect for giving your rooms an instant lift without touching a lick of paint.

Quick, easy and removable, decals are such a simple way to instantly decorate your baby nursery, kids bedroom or children’s playroom walls. Minimum stress, maximum cuteness, they are the best way to brighten up any child's room. If you change your mind or want to create a different look down the track - simply peel them off and re-apply!

From toddlers to teenagers, kids often have strong opinions about their likes and dislikes - including when it comes to decorating their rooms! It can be hard to keep up as they develop new interests and tastes, let alone trying to stick to a budget.

That is the beauty of wall stickers. Nothing else creates an environment more quickly and affordably. Wall decals offer you an enormous range of colourful, fun, aspirational decorations to create your child's own unique, attractive and imaginative environment at an affordable price. And best of all, they can be removed, added to or replaced as you wish.

At the Vinyl Room, we offer a fantastic range of kids removable wall stickers from prancing ponies to parading elephants, rainbows to rugby silhouettes and from twirling ballet dancers to a giant T Rex dinosaur skeleton. They're perfect for any surface, easy to use and they'll definitely add a touch of magic to your children's room.

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