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Wanting a Print on Your Wall? How About the Whole Wall?

Written by Michaela James


Posted on June 22 2020

Take your favourite photos and Go Big - crazy big! If you've been thinking about putting a print on your wall, why not find a company like the Vinyl Room who specialise in super sizing art for any wall. From jaw dropping mountains and city skylines to colourful abstract patterns or tranquil ocean views, the results can be stunning!


In recent years, businesses have increasingly been choosing vinyl wall decals to decorate entire office walls. Thanks to today's digital photo technology, it's an affordable interior decorating trend that can make a real difference to how people feel about your business. 

Turning the office environment into a fun workplace where the walls are literally alive is surprisingly easy with full wall prints. Designing your wall decal to your own custom specifications also gives you the freedom to really personalise your business brand.

Inspire your team with the wonders of the world - your own favourite digital photos could turn your walls into breathtaking landscapes. Make a powerful statement to your clients about your business - bold? innovative?, sophisticated? A whole vinyl wall print will showcase your business so it looks its best.

Whether you choose a full wall print to reflect your corporate image or culture or simply to create some visual energy, the effect is much more powerful and appealing than a standard coat of paint. The direct impact of wall decals that cover entire walls is seriously impressive, having a positive influence on the mood of the whole office environment for both visitors and staff alike.

Why not make over your own office with a little help from the team at the Vinyl Room - browse our range of wall decals or send us your own artwork.